Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct has been developed to promote a safe sporting and social environment for all involved with the Gisborne Football and Netball Club. It is expected that those involved with the club, including players, their families, official, spectators and supporters adhere to the Club’s Code of Conduct at all time. In addition, the Club encourages good sportsmanship to be displayed on and off the football field/netball court, during training and on match day.
The Club intends to set the highest standards of excellence by displaying values of:

Demonstrate awareness of individual rights, opinions and beliefs, in accordance to one’s gender, religion, ability and social or cultural background.

Demonstrate reliability and be a dependable Clubs’ member in all aspects of the Club’s environment.

Respect must be shown at all times to all Club officials, members and patrons.

Courtesy must be shown to club coaches in relation to attendance at training sessions and availability on match days and to Club officials in relation to support and attendance at the Club’s social functions.

Encourage and acknowledge good performance of team members and offer support to team members, Club officials and members within the Club.

Social Behavior
Display maturity and demonstrate acceptable social behavior while at the Club.

Team Rules
At all times abide by the teams rules stipulated by the Club’s senior coach.

be mindful of your actions in relation to individual safety and safety of all other involved in the club.

Duty of Care Statement

The Gisborne Football Netball Club Inc. aims to provide a safe environment for those involved with the Club including players, their families, officials, spectators and supporters, in all aspects of the Club’s environment.

The social and training venues of their Club and opposition Clubs must be treated with respect and not damaged in any way. In addition, all Club equipment shall remain the property of Gisborne Football Netball Club Inc. and must not be damaged while being utilized.

The Gisborne Football Netball Club Inc. promotes and encourages responsible alcohol management and at all times adheres with the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998.

The Club’s committee and coaches will deal with any breach of the Gisborne Football Netball Club Inc. Code of Conduct. Penalties for any breach will be enforced by the Club, at the discretion of the committee and coaches and may result in suspension, financial penalty or exclusion from the Club.

The Club will review this policy annually.

Last updated: 11/09/2008